【This Week’s Phrase】Any plans for this summer?

Hello, everyone. This is “MANA, the cat” from MANABICATION.

I am “MANA, the cat”.

Hmm…, what is this “This Week’s Phrase” all about?

Well, our classroom, MANABICATION Nishi-eifuku branch, is only a minute walk from Nishi-eifuku station. We can clearly see our classroom from its platform!

A photo taken from the platform of Nishi-eifuku station

So, MANABICATION Nishi-eifuku branch came up with the idea to “have communication with our neighbors and Nishi-eifuku station users through the classroom windows”. And one of the ideas was to introduce “This Week’s Phrase”. We will be posting one English phrase a week, an useful expression in daily conversation. Therefore, we (including “MANA, the cat”) wouldl be very happy if you could check these phrases either from our windows or blog articles from time to time. For people reading these articles, these expressions might already be familiar. So, perhaps you can give us some advice on what kind of phrases to introduce.

“This Week’s Phrase” is…

Any plans for this summer?” We thought this kind of conversation may be upcoming between your friends, co-workers or neighbors any time now.

For Japanese English learners, the following may be the points to emphasize:

(1) If you were to say this phrase in a full sentence, it would be “Do you have any plans for this summer?” But in a casual conversation, such as a chat with a friend or close co-worker, you don’t need to use “Do you have”.
(2) When asking a question, we use “ANY” instead of “SOME”.

I hope this article helped you understand what kind of points Japanese English learners often need to care about.

Well, now it’s time for me (meaning “MANA, the cat”) to make some plans for my summer holidays… so, see you again!!!