【This Week’s Phrase】How to reply “OK” with a little humor.

Hello, everyone. This is “MANA, the cat” from MANABICATION. How are you all doing?

I am “MANA, the cat”.

So, here comes the “This Week’s Phrase”!

We see some transceiver as well…

Do you copy?” “Copy.

Mana chose this expression because we hear quite a lot of Japanese people who think “Am I being told to make a copy of some documents?” or “Does the speaker want me to repeat what he/she has said?”. Or else, when this expression appears in the TV dramas or movies, it is hard for them to come up with the idea that the word “copy” is used in the situation where people are in danger and talking over transceivers, so they simply cannot hear it as “copy”. (To them, it suddenly sounds like “karpee”.)

So, in the Japanese blog article, Mana explained that here the expression “Do you copy?” means “Did you put what I’ve said in your mind well enough that you can transcribe?” She (Yes, Mana is a lady cat.) also added that to answer this question, “Yes, I copy.” is the complete answer but since this expression is used in a real situation the characters often shorten the answer into “Copy.”

As this phrase is originally a military expression, maybe English learners may think “There is no chance to use this phrase in daily life.” But, Mana sometimes uses “Copy.” or “Copy that.” when replying to her friend instead of using the plain answer “OK.” (But she warned that we should not use this phrase to reply to some superiors.) Is it not a humorous way to approve : ) ?

And Mana concluded by mentioning the following:

(1) “Do you copy?” “Copy.” appears a lot when people talk over transceivers. It might be fun to try hearing this expression when you watch some TV dramas or movies.
(2) Why do you try answering “Copy.” or “Copy that.” to your friend when you want to say “OK” with humor.

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Well, it’s time to go for now. See you again!!!