【This Week’s Phrase】Double meanings of “Are you in shape?”

Hello, everyone. This is “MANA, the cat” from MANABICATION.

I am “MANA, the cat”.

So, let’s see what “This Week’s Phrase” is…

Scale is the hint to understand this phrase.

Are you in shape?

Isn’t this a difficult question to reply “Yes!” in confidence? Well, Mana chose this phrase because she feels that this is one of the phrases native English speakers often use but is a little hard for English learners to understand.

In Japanese schools, they usually only teach the meaning of “shape” as “form”. But in this phrase, “shape” means “condition, state of health”. And Mana and her owner thought it is interesting to see “in shape” automatically means “in good  condition” without adding any positive adjective.

So, what does the title of this article means when it says “double meaning”? Well, “in shape” could mean “in good health condition” and “in good form physically”. So this phrase was a small summer greeting from FUN ENGLISH to ask how you are all doing from these extremely hot days as well as if you are already physically fit to start the season for light clothing!

Hmm… Mana should be able to reply “YES!” out loud to “This Week’s Phrase”. I mean I am representing this FUN ENGLISH… Maybe I should do some exercises. So, time to go for me now. See you again!!!