【This Week’s Phrase】The reason why time flies in August for many Japanese.

Hi there. This is “MANA, the cat” from MANABICATION.

I am “MANA, the cat”.

Time to introduce “This Week’s Phrase”!

Only a week left in August! That was a very quick month. MANA thinks many Japanese felt the same way and there is a special reason for it. Can you guess the reason?

Well, in Japan, we regularly have a baseball tournament called Koushien every August. This tournament is played by the high school students from each prefecture, usually held for about 20 days. This year, it was the 100th anniversary to hold this competition. Their matches are all broadcasted by NHK, the public broadcaster. I’ve heard it is globally rare to have the high school students’ sports games broadcast nationwide, as well as the fact that the matches played by these amateur teenagers are tremendously popular among the nation.

MANA is one of Koushien‘s fans and every year MANA feels these exciting 20 days just come and go in a blink.

So, that is why “This Week’s Phrase” is…

MANA is staring at the wings on the clock.

Yes, it’s “Time flies.”

MANA explained that usually people say “Time flies when you are having fun.” But, saying “Time flies!” only also works without any problems. MANA also added that it is very common to see the drawings of the clocks with wings in English culture. MANA thinks this is something unusual for Japanese.

In a grammatical aspect, MANA pointed out not to write “flys” instead of “flies” when you conjugate the verb “to fly” into present tense for third-person singular.

In MANABICATION FUN ENGLISH, our English language school, we hear a lot of “Time flies!” from our students. MANA knows that the teachers in FUN ENGLISH are also feeling the same way. So, every time MANA hears “Time flies!” from the students, MANA feels like the teachers’ passion might have reached the students’ mind and becomes happy.

FUN ENGLISH will continue to try its best to provide lessons which makes students feel “Time flies!” Therefore, anyone who wishes to enjoy FUN ENGLISH, please be free to come and join us!

Thank you, always, for reading our blog article. See you again!!!