【Relearning English】Introducing the phrase, “Way to go!”

Hello, everyone. This is “MANA, the cat” from MANABICATION.

I am MANA.

As we introduced in yesterday’s blog, the Japanese national soccer team had a match last night. They did their best which led to a very satisfying result. So, in today’s Japanese FUN ENGLISH blog article, we focused on a phrase: “Way to go!”

We (including “MANA, the cat”) found this this expression very interesting because “Way to go!” includes the meaning of “Well done!” as well as “Keep it up!” As far as we tried, it was hard to find the same expression in Japanese. We would have to say “Well done!” and “Keep it going!” separately. We also thought it was nice to bring this expression up as “Way to go!” was originally used for sports only. (Nowadays, it is used for various situations.)

We also indicated that this phrase could sometimes be used in a sarcastic way such as: “You forgot to bring her birthday present? Way to go!”, showing how widely this expression can be used.

It would be nice if we can use this expression a lot to FUN ENGLISH’s students : )

So once again…, “Way to go, NISHINO JAPAN!” (and all the other teams as well!)