【Relearning English】”You did your best!” and “Otsukare-sama!”, they are both sweet.

Good evening, everyone. This is “MANA, the cat” from MANABICATION.

I am MANA.

Yesterday, the Japanese national soccer team returned to Japan from the FIFA World Cup! It was impressive to see the big crowd welcoming them home at the airport.

So, I (meaning MANA, the cat) introduced the phrase “You did your best, NISHINO JAPAN!” to welcome them back to Japan. Though, I am not really an expert in soccer, I felt the Japanese team played their best for all the matches in this World Cup and that feeling led me to choose this phrase.

In Japanese, we say “Otsukare-sama” which literally means “You must be tired from your hard work.” I feel this expression makes you feel relieved whereas “You did your best!” makes you feel uplifted and regain energy to go forward. These expressions are different but both are nice.

So, I always tell the English native speaking teachers at FUN ENGLISH “Otsukare-sama” after their lessons without hesitating to use this Japanese expression. Maybe I should try telling my Japanese friends “You did your best!” in English…!

So, once again…, “You did your best, NISHINO JAPAN!” (and all the other teams) Thank you for the great matches.

What is written on the orange paper?

(Yes, we introduced this expression as our “This Week’s Phrase”. This will displayed until this Sunday.)